Certification of Explosives for Civil Use

Before the conformity assessment of Explosives for Civil Use has been ordered from the Notified Body, it is essential to prepare adequate technical documentation, commonly referred to as the Certification File. This Certification File needs to be prepared in compliance with the requirements of Directive 2014/28/EU.

Conformity assessment starts with the assessment of Certification File. This means the overall assessment job will consume more time and resources as the quality of Certification File preparation gets lower. Preparation of Certification File requires competency, skills and experience, including the deep understanding of several international and national standards and codes.

Fiditas provides support to manufacturers of Explosives for Civil Use in order to prepare detailed and fully compliant Technical Documentation for their products which can easily be used by the Notified Body as a Certification File in order to obtain EU-Type Examination Certificate in timely manner.

After the EU-Type Examination Certificate for the product has been obtained, manufacturer needs to demonstrate that the production process is capable to continually produce in compliance with the Certification File and EU-Type Examination Certificate. This needs to be defined in the production Quality Management System and is subjected to assessment by the Notified Body. Fiditas experts can prepare complete Quality Management System documentation for the assessment of the production of Explosives for Civil Use in compliance with the Directive 2014/28/EU in order to get the CE mark on the product in simpler and faster way.

Fiditas experts are internationally qualified, and we co-operate with colleagues around the globe to offer the best service to our clients worldwide. We can also service additional inquiries from distributors, and importers who intend to sell foreign products in the European Union.