Survey 2023

Customer satisfaction survey 2023
We want to develop a partnership with the users of our services because only in this way we can maintain a high quality of work and improve the quality of services. We are aware that there is always room for improvement and with this survey we want to collect comments and suggestions in order to improve our work based on them.

Note: Please enter grades from 1 to 5, with 5 indicating the highest and 1 the lowest grade.

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1. How satisfied are you with the professionalism and behavior of Laboratory personnel?

2. How satisfied are you with the expertise and knowledge of Laboratory personnel?

3. How satisfied are you with the speed of the response/service?

4. How satisfied are you with the availability and quality of information on the website?

5. How satisfied are you with the explanations of the technical requirements of the standards test methods offered by our employees?

6. How acceptable are our test reports to your customers?

7. How likely would you suggest Fiditas Ltd. to its business partners for compliance testing?

Your remarks, and suggestions for improving the quality of our services: